Client FTP


McCord Engineering’s preferred method of file sharing is via the FileZilla Application. It is free and can be downloaded here.


When configuring FileZilla, you will download an XML file (you will receive this in the email with your username and password) and import it to your FileZilla client. To configure the FileZilla FTP client: click to expand  more...


Step One

Click the Configure FTP Client link that corresponds to the FTP account you wish to use to connect to your FTP server.


Step Two  

Click the FTP or SFTP link to download the XML file. We recommend that you use SFTP whenever possible, as it is generally more secure than FTP. Note: This step will over-write any previous XML configuration file without warning.


Step Three

Open your FileZilla FTP client.


Step Four  

Select the Import option from the File menu (File ⇀ Import).


Step Five

Select the XML file you have just downloaded and click OK.


Step Six

Click the OK button on the resulting Import Settings window.


Step Seven

Click OK on the resulting Import Successful window.


Step Eight

To open a connection to your FTP server, select the Site Manager feature from the File menu (File ⇀ Site Manager).


Step Nine

Select your domain from the Select Entry menu.


Step Ten

Click the Connect button to connect to your FTP server.


McCord Engineering, Inc. FTP Policy Client will be given the address of the FTP site, a user name, and password. It is up to the client to keep this information confidential, and to notify McCord Engineering, Inc. (MEI) when one of their employees with FTP access leaves their company so that MEI can remove the user. In addition, MEI reserves the right to change passwords and log-on information when needed. Clients will be notified of any changes. FTP File Usage Only files related to a project shall be stored on the FTP site. MEI reserves the right to delete any files stored on the FTP site at any time. No files stored by MEI on the FTP site may be modified by the Client User in any way, nor distributed or copied to unauthorized parties. Clients can only upload files to MEI inside of the folder named “Uploads”. Disclaimer The files on this site may contain confidential and/or proprietary information belonging to MEI or our clients which is legally privileged. The information on this site and the attached files are intended for the use of authorized individuals and/or companies only. Unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or distribution of any information contained on this site or in the attached files is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  MEI is not responsible for any legal damages, or costs, resulting from the use or misuse of the FTP site, and the files contained within.

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